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The Lizzie Borden Case

By: Brittney DeLorenzo and Chelsea Rodriguez

Lizzie Borden's guilty sentence of murder caused conflict because all of the evidence pointed to her.
Basic Information:
Lizzie Andrew Borden was born July 19th, 1860 in Fall River, Massachusetts .  She is the youngest out of 3 daughters and her parents are Andrew and Sarah Borden. One of her sisters died in infancy. Her father remarried to Abby Gray in 1865. Lizzie and her sister referred to their step-mother as Mrs. Borden instead of “Mother”. Her father was a very rich man who was the president of a savings bank. Although the family lived together for many years, they seemed distant after Mr. Borden's remarrying.
Murder Information:
On August 4th 1892, Andrew and Sarah Borden were found dead in their home. Their heads were badly mangled from what looked like a hatchet. According to Lizzie, she was not in the house at the time of the muders. She claims she was out in the barn and when she came inside, she found her father dead.
The Conflict:
The conflict in the Lizzie Borden case is that people disagree on whether she is guilty or not. We believe that she is indeed guilty of the murders. All the evidence leads to her. Although she was acquitted by the court, it is hard to believe she did commit this crime. She was in fact the only person home at the time and she claims she was in the barn even though no one knows for sure. Some people say that it is impossible for someone to murder two people, clean up the mess and hide the weapon in such a short amount of time. But, Lizzie also easily could have had someone help her. The strangest thing about this case is that she is the only suspect. She is indeed guilty of this crime and should have paid for what she had done instead of being let go.